30 Years of Problem-Solving Experience.

Systems Automation

We have designed & built control circuits for many different applications. 

These range from light shows and special effects 
to industrial machines like presses, conveyors, and lifts. We also have experience working in the entertainment industry, producing automated light shows and special effects.

We provide the most complete home automation system, including — but not limited to — Security, Lighting, HVAC, Window Coverings, Entertainment Systems, and Appliances.

High Performance Motor Sports

We have experience building elite race motors, some of which hold National Championships and World Speed Records. 

We are the only firm able to properly balance a Harley-Davidson 45° V-twin motor. We can also balance single cylinder engines, including the counter-balancer shaft.  

You can’t win the race if you don’t finish. We know how to make more reliable horsepower because we specialize in the design of electronic engine management systems.

If your race team is serious about winning, give us a call.

Advanced Retrofitting

Cut 7 also offers custom solutions to antiquated mechanics and other technologies.

Past projects include retrofitting modern mechanicals & controls to elevators in a 100-year-old luxury hotel and adding cruise and climate control to classic Italian cars, all while maintaining esthetic integrity.

Call us to discuss your retrofitting projects.

We are excited to discuss your projects!